Series "cShanty"

Focuses on life experiences that happen along the shoreline.

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Series "Boat A Shore"

Life along the shoreline speaking to times when we miss on the ocean and all of the wonderful experiences it brings.

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Series "My Little Hideaway"

The meaning behind My little hideaway is the centering on events which are uniquely captured as memories and precious.

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Art Rooster presents vintage Caribbean art by creative enthusiast Gregory DeGorsky.
Nautical, Tropical, and Life scenes from the Caribbean depicting a vibrant scenes
  • Vibrant colors & imagery
  • 90+ unique images to choose from
  • Limited production series
  • Every print is hand signed by the artist

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Caribbean art that is colorful, wonderfully engaging, and sure to energize any room

For additional information contact us: or call (248) 214-0211